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1. Are people still joining and hooking up for NSA Sex during COVID-19 ?

Those who had it recovered and now have antibodies, others have been vaccinated so yes casual NSA sex hookups are very much taking place once again as per normal.

2. What types of individuals does NSApersonals cater for ?

We cater for single or married men and women who reside in Gauteng or travel here. We do not allow for couples, only singles.

3. What if I am an older more mature person, can I join ?

All sexually active men and women, from their 30's all the way into their 70's are welcome to join.

Perhaps you are in your 60's or 70's, looking at the website already proves that you still have zest, then join !

If your profile is alluring and appealing enough to the opposite sex then your chances of meeting someone are as good as the next persons, but within your age bracket you still need to be realistic.

4. I see you have Silver or Gold Membership, what is the difference ?

Silver Membership is either for 10 days or 1 month, a basic entry level Membership allowing for your profile to be visible and for you to wishlist other Members.

Gold Membership is either for 3 or 6 months affording you a sufficient and realistic time line in which to meet other Members. This is the option most people choose because reality dictates that you aren't going to hit the Jackpot within the first 10 spins of the wheel !

5. Why are there no Silver Members profiles visible in the Visitors Area ?

There are so few people who join Silver Membership for 10 days or 1 month so it isn't viable to place and remove that profile in the Visitors Area in such a short space of time.

6. I would like to join but I have second thoughts / doubts, help me ?

Then don't join.

7. How soon after paying for Membership will I receive my login details to The Members Area?

As stated on the Join Page, your login details will be e-mailed to you within 24 hours if you paid in cash or did an EFT from ABSA.

Bear in mind that an EFT from another bank (ie: Standard to ABSA) will take anything from 2 to 3 days to reflect.

8. Is a business or do you do it for the enjoyment ?

We have our own business from which we earn a living.

Way back in 1996 we started the website and it has always been a hobby, a pleasant distraction we thoroughly enjoy.

If you go through the website you will see that every page isn't overrun with Google ads or penis enlargement banners, not to mention the fact that we ONLY cater for people who live in Gauteng, if this was a business then all the pages would be swamped with advertising to generate money.

Every month we spend a fortune on advertising and Parties and don't always recover our expenses but this is the reality of keeping an adult Club on track and making sure that everyone is happy.

There are times that we show a profit and that's a huge bonus because we use that extra money for advertising and swankier Parties, we ensure that any extra cash goes straight back into the community so everyone flourishes in all the sexy fun and thrills, that's swinging at it's best.

NSApersonals has and always will be a non profit adult community, it is a hobby for us, we all pay our own way and no-one other than all our paid up Members prosper therefrom.

9. What do you do with my personal information, do you hand it out or is it given to anyone ?

When you become a Member your blurred picture and narrative is loaded onto the website and your contact details are kept by us so we can facilitate introductions for you, but when your Membership elapses then ALL your details are completely deleted from our PC's and databases.

We do NOT share / give / hand out any of our Members information with or to 3rd parties.

Also we NEVER divulge your contact details to anyone else without your consent, your privacy is important to us.

10. How do I upgrade to VIP Membership ?

You can only upgrade to VIP Membership once you are an existing Gold Member.

11. What is the precentage of men and women in the Club ?

The pie chart below is self explanatory and a good indication of the ratio of Babes & Studs, or take a look at the Personals pages and you will see the numbers are pretty much always equal.

The longevity of our Club has always been due to the fact that we strive to keep the ratio of men and woman as equal as possible. This we do by showing our ads on Google either to only men or only women when there is a difference in the numbers, that way there is always someone to meet. It seems pretty pointless and counter-intuitive to have a Personals Dating Site if there are 10 000 men and a handful of women, don't you think ?

Consider the fact that both men and women equally search for no strings attached sex on the internet, your chances of meeting someone are just as good as the next person, no matter if you are a man or a woman, but it is all about how you present yourself in your profile, it has to at the end of the day attract the opposite sex so that they want to take the next step and meet with you.

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12. How do I meet / hookup with other Members ?

Members browse one another's profiles and then send in wishlists of who they would like to meet, this requires credits, when you join you will be gifted a couple to get you going, thereafter you can purchase more, but since your profile is on the site other Members will wishlist you costing you nothing further than your initial Membership fee.

As soon as both the Members are mutually keen on making contact or meeting each other, they then ask us to forward their contacct details to the Member they are interested in, either their e-mail address or phone number, that is the only time we divulge your details to anyone, this way your discretion never gets compromised.

13. How does my profile get placed on the website ?

You will e-mail us your profile and we will load it on the website for you.

14. Is my profile taken off the website when my Membership elapses ?

Yes your profile will be removed, as there are NEVER any outdated profiles on the site.

The website is 100% up to date.

15. Can I use whatever profile name I want so as to ensure my anonymity ?

Yes of course you can, as long as it is a proper name.

16. Do you place a blur on the profile pictures in the Members Area as well ?

Yes for your and everyone else's discretion, we do.

17. Are couples welcome to join NSA Personals ?

No, we only cater for individuals.

18. Do you have Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Personals ?

No we don't, we only have Heterosexual Personals.

19. Why do you only cater for Single or Married individuals ?

Because there are plenty Clubs in Gauteng who only cater for Couples.

20. Are all the Members of NSA Personals in Gauteng ?

Yes a good percentage of Members live in Gauteng, but some live in other cities too, like Durban, Bloemfontein etc, although those Members travel to Johannesburg or Pretoria on a regular basis to enjoy meeting other Members or attending Parties.

21. Is attending a Party the only way to meet other Members ?

No it isn't, most of our Members prefer individual hookups which are private, as opposed to Parties.

22. If I join am I absolutely guaranteed of having sex ?

Of course not, if the next person doesn't like you then he / she isn't going to want to have sex with you !!

At the end of the day it is entirely up to the next person to want to hookup and have sex with you, so ja, that is what everyone is looking for, discreet, anonymous NSA Sex, no strings attached.

23. Do Members submit their real photos ?

Yes they do, otherwise it would be counter-intuitive, besides how would they meet someone in person and not even resemble the pic in their profile ?

We meet a lot of our Members in person at our Parties, so anyone trying to pass themself off as someone else will find their Membership cancelled and be banned from the site. We abhor dishonesty and chancers.

24. Must I have my own partner in order to attend a Party ?

No, everyone comes on their own, we don't cater for couples.

25. Am I guaranteed of anonymity ?

Yes you are, you will remain incognito.

26. Do you cater for all ethnic groups ?

Yes we do but at the end of the day remember that it is the next person's choice should they wish to cross the colour line.

27. I am a Member of other Dating Sites and constantly disappointed, why is your site any better ?

Our Club and website speaks volumes in terms of the way we run it and all our single and married men and women Members are very happy with the service we provide, from prompt replies to e-mails and facilitating wishlists.

But as stated on the Home Page ...

If you are sceptical or don't like what our website has to offer then just simply close X the page down and go elsewhere to find your jollies.

If you been disappointed by other adult personals websites or are dubious, then don't assume we are anything like them, we aren't. We are proudly local and our webiste isn't automated that takes you to a .com address, we are also transparent with no hidden surprises and no outrageous and unbelieveble claims and guarantees. After 20 odd years we still provide an excellent ongoing platform for open minded adults to find each other in a fun community.

28. Do you cater for sex workers ?

No we DON'T.

We only cater for men and women looking to enjoy no strings sexual encounters, the same as what you are looking for.

29. If I join one of your websites, do I become a Member for free on the other one ?

No. caters for people who reside in Gauteng. Besides Personals we also host Parties & Limo Rides. is a platform for Personals ONLY, throughout South Africa.

Bottom line is if you live in Gateng then join, if not join

30. I don't reside in Johannesburg or Pretoria, can I join ?

Should you visit Gauteng quite often yes then you can join, but if you reside somewhere else in South Africa then you can join our sister site which offers Personals Throughout South Africa.

31. Do you know of any similar Clubs in Cape Town, Durban, etc ? is a Personals Only website which caters for all the other major cities.

32. I have a product / service I would like to advertise on your website, is this possible and how much would it cost ?

No it isn't possible, we don't have any ads of any sort in the Visitors or Members Areas, we are not looking for financial gain, our website and club is our hobby and thus we keep it clean and easy for Members to navigate without having obtrusive advertising.

It goes without saying that if you are trying to reach a certain audience / market then pay for advertising on the major search engines as we do.

33. What is your Refund Policy ?

Once you purchase Membership it is final and non refundable, there are "No Refunds", so ensure this is what you want before you pay for it.

We can however put your Membership on hold for a maximum period of up to 30 days until such time as you are ready to use it. Your only other option is to give your Membership to a friend as a gift.